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Ogilvy snatches Cannes Lions Media Grand Prix

So this year’s winner of this year’s Cannes Lions Media Grand Prix is… creative agency Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) Amsterdam?

The fact that an ad agency has walked away with media’s top prize this year will no doubt raise a few eyebrows, especially among those who still view Cannes as being dominated by advertising’s old guard.

Read More

Media360 2013 engages hearts and minds

Speaker 2This time last week, we were gearing up to hear Phil Lander (pictured), senior director at BlackBerry, discuss plans for turning around the one time mobile market leader.

If any brand typifies the pace of change we’re all living through right now, then I guess BlackBerry is as good as any, having gone from market leader seven years ago, to battling for survival against new giant rivals Apple and Google Android. It paid a heavy price for failing to adapt quickly to consumer demand in the smartphone space. Read More

What took Mindshare so long to promote Creighton?

Mark Creighton’s promotion to chief executive of WPP’s Mindshare has been well received among the media fraternity, with at least one industry stalwart wondering what took them so long. Read More

Adland’s crystal balls remain murky

As 2012 hurtles towards its finale, hopefully not the one foreseen by the Mayans, the industry’s holding groups have dusted down their crystal balls, but how do the outlooks from WPP, Publicis Groupe and Interpublic stack-up? Read More

ZenithOptimedia on the hunt for a new chief executive

Gerry Boyle is preparing to step aside from his role as chief executive of ZenithOptimedia, the agency he joined more than 13 years ago, according to internal and external sources. Read More

Friendly ITV aims for the heart of popular culture in 2013

Celebration was most definitely in the air at ITV’s sparkling Upfronts last week, along with some underlying vibes about becoming a more accessible brand than in years gone by. Read More

The secret of Condé Nast’s success

Edie Campbell, Nicholas Coleridge and Olympia Campbell.

At the start of the summer I had a baffling conversation with Condé Nast’s managing director, Nicholas Coleridge. The esteemed leader, and former chairman of industry body PPA, fixed me with his trademark grin before assuring me that magazines were in unbelievably rude health.  Read More

Lord Sugar finally learns golden rule of marketing at Nabs

Lord Sugar is not a fan of subtle. The 65 year old East End boy made good is a straight talking, no nonsense, simple kind of bloke, and that’s just how he likes his advertising.

You know CDP’s surreal B&H ads in the 70s and 80s would have driven the Amstrad man to distraction. He’s more a, direct response kinda guy. So it was with great interest that Alan, “I like hard-selling adverts”, Sugar took to the stage for an “audience with…” event hosted by Nabs last week. Read More

Bauer chief Paul Keenan, the modern day Shakespeare?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Bauer Media’s chief exec Paul Keenan, revisiting licensing contracts, inciting regulatory battles and, of course, dabbling in some existential philosophy. Read More

The weekend the nation fell for Kate’s boobs

Andrew Marr and guests discuss the weekend's newspapers

For many, the glorious glow of the Olympics and Paralympics came to an abrupt end this weekend, as unfathomable amounts of copy and airtime  filled with stories of a Duchess’ breasts and grubby publishers trying to make a quick buck. Read More

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